How do I send more than one letter?

Don't waste time printing and packing hundreds of envelopes at home! With Mailform, sending letters is a snap. Use our Bulk Mail application :

  • Send as many PDF documents to up to 1000 recipients at a time
  • Customize the contents of each envelope easily using our .csv formatted file
  • Don't waste time splitting your merged document: our system can automatically split the file as you would like
  • Customize the service for each envelope choosing either USPS First Class or add Certified Mail Tracking
    • Single or Double sided 
    • Electronic or Physical return receipts
    • High Quality Color or Black & White
    • Specify a Flat envelope for sensitive documents
    • Include a return receipt (sorry postage is NOT paid, but all your customers need is a stamp!)

We offer deep discounts for bulk orders - contact us with the total number of envelopes and frequency you would like to send for a custom quote.

What you'll need: 

  • A .csv, .xls, or .xlsx document in the following format:If you're not sure where to begin, you can download a sample document here and modify it to suit your needs. Just make sure to have complete, accurate addresses for each of your recipients.
  • Gather your documents! Whether your sending one letter to everyone or varying the message, make sure your documents are clearly labeled, and the right documents are being sent to the right people.
  • Each line in the .csv file is an envelope. An envelope can have one or as many files within it.

Let's get started! First, open up our Bulk Mail tool. 

To use our Bulk Mail tool, you'll need a Mailform login. If you don't already have one, you can create a new account or use one of our convenient integrations.

Click "Start Your mail order" and upload your documents from your computer, or conveniently import them via the Cloud. These are the documents you will send in each letter.

Next, you'll upload your recipient list. This should be a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file with your recipients' names, company names (if applicable), and complete addresses. This can be as few as 2 or as many as 2000! (download our .csv example file here)

Our tool is flexible and allows you to have individual control over how letters are sent. How? Well, that's the next step! Once you've uploaded your recipients list, you can choose how to print, whether or not you want tracking, single or double sided, color or black + white!

You can individually add files to recipients using the "Select Files" button on the left, or you can send everyone the same documents using the "Add to All" button on the right. You can even decide which order you want your documents to appear!

Once you've finalized your letters, click "Mail All" and you're on your way!

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