Can my team use Mailform together?

The short answer is Yes!

Teams are a new feature on Mailform which allow you to manage a small team or company account. While anyone can use Mailform without signing up or creating an account, you clearly need to do this to set up and manage your team - simply click the "SIGN UP" button on the right of the Mailform homepage.

Feature Descriptions

Once you’ve signed up for Mailform, a “TEAM” button will be available to you in the navigation bar on the top left of the website. Teams with Mailform are built to help companies manage their mail collectively and remotely

Custom Pricing - Customers who sign up team members can request bulk mail prices to apply across the entire teams orders. We review this monthly and this means if you send a large volume of mail over a long time, you can get our lowest prices always.

Corporate Billing - Add a corporate card which can be centrally managed by the team leader. After a one month evaluation period, send a note to to request monthly billing to be paid via credit card or ACH.

HIPAA Compliance - Our service is HIPAA compliant for all of your mail with individually identifiable health information. Each users account can be specified to require a HIPAA compliant service (rather than the entire team)

Account Management -

  • PROFILE - Settings: Pre- populate your company name sender address for all team members via the “Profile” section
  • TEAM - Accounts: Review, add and remove members of your team
  • TEAM - Orders: Review order history across your team and gain access to previews of documents sent within 1 month. Also review invoices for monthly billed accounts.
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