How does Mailform manage recurring invoices?

We've recently made some updates to the Recurring Invoices page - Thank you for all of your feedback, please read below to learn more

Mailform automatically pulls in your recurring invoice profiles into the integration for easy management of your ground mail invoices.

Here's how it works in a few easy steps:

  1.  Login to and go to the Mailform Integration
    Once your logged in and you've chosen the business you'd like to manage, click Integrations in the menu on the left side of the screen. if Mailform is not displayed below the Integrations option, follow the connection instructions here first. Now click on Mailform to be taken to the main integration page:

Go to the Recurring Invoices page to manage invoices
The new "Recurring Invoices" tab is now available at the top of the page. Click on the tab to manage how you automatically send mail. Don't forget to click Save as you make changes and before you move to another page.

We've slightly changed how you can manage sending print invoices to your customers.

  • In order for any recurring invoice profiles to be sent, you now need to "Enable Automatic Sending". This way you can start or stop sending invoices via Mailform at any point without having to change your customers preferences. 
  • Next, you can set customer preferences in bulk Clicking "Select All " will toggle all invoice profiles to be sent via Mailform and clicking "Clear All" will do the opposite. 
  • If you're migrating from Freshbooks classic, we will pull your customers preferences from the old system when you establish your Mailform account

Your Customers Company name will be presented in brackets, following the Customers Name, in this example the customers company is "New Company" and our customers name is Joe Peterson. You can also now search for your customers using the search box located next to the "Select All" button to filter the list.
Clicking "View Template" or "View Customer" will open the recurring invoice template page and the client page respectively, should you need to make changes:

You can elect to automatically send ground mail for each recurring invoice individually as well, rather than in bulk
Any changes made within the session need to be saved in order to take effect by using the "Save" button

Once you've saved, you can click back to the invoice tab to manage individual invoices. Invoices created via the recurring profiles can be manually sent as well. Click here for more information about Invoices

Let us know if you have any questions!

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