Can I send international mail?

Short answer: Yes!

With Mailform, you can send international mail via USPS First Class only. We will print and mail your document within 2 business days, but delivery speed is dependent on your document's destination.

How much does it cost?

A single USPS First Class international envelope will cost $4.99 for a one-page, black and white document. Standard fees apply for multiple pages, color, and single-sided printing. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Is there tracking?

USPS First-Class Mail International service does not include tracking - you can get more information about the service here:

How do I send international mail and can I use the Bulk Mail tool?

Yes! You need to use the Bulk Mail tool in order for you to change the destination country. Just include the full address details, including destination country, in your address file when you upload your documents. If you are sending multiple letters to the same country, you'll have an easier time uploading address documents if all of the addresses are in the same country. Get started with Bulk mailing here.