How do I upload bulk address files?

Mailform's Bulk Mail Tool is a unique way fo individuals and small businesses to send letters in high quantities. Once you master some simple rules, you can use our system with confidence and ease!

Do I have to upload all my addresses one by one?

No! add your addresses to a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file in the following format: 

Don't want to create an entirely new file? Download a sample file here and customize it to suit your needs!

What if I'm not sending letters to companies?

You can leave the Company Name column blank, but the Name column needs to be filled.

What do I do with the "files for this recipient" column?

This is where you put in the names of each file that will be sent to each recipient, separated by commas. Once you upload the file, the named documents will automatically be linked with each recipient. These files will all be sent in the same envelope. Make sure you use the complete filename, i.e. "example.pdf" not "example".

Are there any limits to what I can upload?

Yes. You cannot have more than 50 characters in the Name or Company fields. If you're sending mail to someone with a long name, you can use the Name and Company fields together.

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