What happens after I send my mail?

**** USPS INDUSTRY ALERT September 9 2020 ****

Due to recent operational efficiency initiatives at the USPS, we are encouraging our users to expect delays from a delivery perspective and be prepared to accept inconsistencies in USPS carrier scans as well as signature request enforcement. 

We are noticing a significant increase in the number of delayed mail pieces across ALL CATEGORIES. USPS on time deliveries have trended down from 90-95% in January to 80-85% according to the USPS own data

Our own analysis of mail delivered on our platform shows that while 15% of mail is now delayed, the length of those delays can be upward of one week.

After you've decided what to send, uploaded your PDF, entered addresses and clicked Mail it, here is what to expect with Mailform:

  1. Receipt - We send you a note that we've received documents, address information and payment

  2. Production - We create your mail piece

  3. Print & Send to Carrier- We hand over a complete envelope (or envelopes) to USPS or FedEx (we will send you a tracking mail notification via email)

  4. Delivery/Notification - We provide piece of mind in the form of updates regarding the status of your mail piece and Tracking numbers for select classes of service 


We provide an initial confirmation of receipt of documents, address and payment information. Shortly after this stage, we begin the process of routing this information to the USPS or FedEx.

If you are a registered user, we will send you a receipt/order confirmation to the email registered to your account.* If you are using our "Quick Start" tool, no login is necessary and your receipt will be sent to the email provided at the payment screen:


We securely transmit your data to printers who can produce thousands of documents a day. Routing for printing is based on a number of factors including the location, size of order and delivery speed. At this stage we also check the details of your order, postal rules and try to ensure that  your mail piece will arrive with no issues. If there are issues with the document or the combination of class of service and delivery address, we'll let you know!

Print & Send to Carrier

Once your mail is printed, we're no longer able to intercept orders. Completed envelopes are handed off to USPS or FedEx between the same day and 2 days from the time you click Mail it. You can find timelines for all of our services here


Depending on the class and speed of service, we leverage technology to provide you with status updates as your envelope travels from printing to delivery.

  • USPS First Class Mail - Using the USPS' Intelligent Mail Barcode system, we will provide you with a follow up email when the order is first accepted or scanned into the USPS system. The first scan can for First Class letters can take place anywhere from the initial distribution facility, to your recipient's local post office. Please bear in mind that we have very limited data to track First Class Mail envelopes, 

  • USPS Certified Mail , USPS Priority, USPS Priority Express and FedEx Overnight Mail - Once we receive a tracking number, we pass this along to the same email where we send your original receipt. This can range from anywhere from 4 hours after your initial receipt to 2 days depending on the class of service. From this point you can follow the mail piece through the USPS or FedEx at your leisure

* NOTE: USPS Priority and USPS Priority Express mail sent with Mailform do NOT require signature confirmation. No signature page will be available for your USPS Priority and USPS Priority Express letters.

* For PayPal payments: your receipt, tracking notifications and delivery notices will be sent to the email attached with your PayPal account for security purposes. Please check there to ensure you get all notifications.