My recipient has not received my mail piece - What should I do

Mailform depends on the USPS & FedEx to carry out the specific class of service you've chosen to use and in 99% of cases our envelopes arrive without issue. However, there are scenarios where mail has been indicated as delivered, but a recipient has not received your letter and, unfortunately, we  are not able to track down your mail beyond the point we hand off the letter to the carrier and relay the tracking information to you. 

With the USPS - the best port of call is to reach out to their local post office. If you have a tracking number indicating that the letter has been delivered this means that a carrier has scanned the document at the recipients mailbox. In some cases, local agreements exist where mail carriers either leave documents in  a safe space or management companies collect mail on behalf of tenants. 

If your tracking page indicates in transit - you can go to the USPS here and file a complaint, they will generally respond within 24 hours - please include your tracking number in the inquiry.