Is my information secure with Mailform?

We take pride in protecting your information by employing data encryption and SSL/TLS protocols. Check out our privacy policy here.

Our Site Security

We use the same  security protocols as your bank: you'll note that on whichever browser you use, the SSL certificate and "padlock" will be present next to the URL bar on the top left.

Document Security

We partner with automated printing companies and third party logistics companies to print your physical documents and get them into the mail stream. These systems are mostly automated, but in the rare case when machines break and humans need to intervene, there may be minimal human contact with the contents of your mail. We have strict agreements in place to protect your privacy and limit information sharing to the necessary data required to deliver your mail. 

Medical Records/HIPAA Compliant

For customers who need HIPAA compliant services, we are happy to route order through printers where we have established Business Associate Agreements. Please email if you'd like your account to route solely through HIPAA-compliant printers.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to with any additional questions.