Bulk Updating Invoice Profiles

If you have a large number of invoice profiles, the invoice profile bulk update system can be used to easily change which invoice profiles will be automatically mailed invoices. To use this, click the Download button on the Invoice Profiles tab in the Mailform FreshBooks integration.

Your browser will download a CSV file listing all the invoice profiles in your company. The contents of the file will look like this:

The last column (Recurring Enabled) can be changed from N to Y to enable automatic mailing for a specific profile.

Once all the changes have been made and the file has been saved, you can upload the CSV file using the Upload button on the Invoice Profiles tab.

The changes will be applied and will immediately take effect.

Note that only changes to the Recurring Enabled column will be saved: all other columns should be left unchanged. 

Also, changes will only apply to Mailform data: no changes will be made to your FreshBooks account.