How does Mailform help me manage my address book?

Mailform is the easiest way to send mail right from your computer, and our new and improved address book makes that even easier now. Whether you're sending one letter (or 100!) to a one person (or 100!), Mailform's address book makes it easy.

Get started with the address book by logging into your Mailform account at and then clicking on the Profile dropdown in the top right. You can also visit


From the main contact management screen, you can:

If you have a large address book, you can page through the contacts or search for specific contacts by name, company name or any part of the address. If you have a large number of contacts, you can page through them or search to find specific ones.

Mailing Lists

You can manage mailing lists from a separate tab in the address book.

Similar to the content management interface, you can:

If you regularly send the same letter to a specific set of recipients (for example, a quarterly report to members of an organization) the send mail feature was made for you!

Explore the links above to learn how to make the most of Mailform. Happy mailing, and thanks once again for using Mailform!